Videography & Digital film making Workshop

Lights, Camera, Action! Master the Art of Videography with Us

From Beginner to Pro: Elevate Your Videography Skills in Our Workshop

Unlock Your Creative Vision: Enroll in Our Videography Workshop

Videography Workshop is an immersive and hands-on experience designed to enhance participants' videography skills and unleash their creative potential. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced videographer, this workshop will provide you with the knowledge, techniques, and inspiration to elevate your video projects to the next level.

Upon completion of the Comprehensive Videography Course, participants will have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to create professional-quality videos. Whether you aspire to become a professional videographer, improve your skills for personal projects, or explore videography as a creative outlet, this course will empower you to capture and tell compelling visual stories through the medium of video.

Videography Workshop Content

Introduction to Videography

  • Overview of videography and its applications
  • Understanding the role of a videographer
  • Exploring the latest trends and techniques in videography

Camera Operation and Settings

  • Understanding camera types and their features
  • Mastering camera settings: aperture, shutter speed, ISO
  • White balance and color temperature adjustments

Composition and Framing

  • Composition rules and guidelines
  • Exploring different camera angles and perspectives
  • Balancing the frame and creating visual interest

Lighting Techniques

  • Working with natural light and artificial lighting
  • Three-point lighting setup
  • Lighting for different scenarios (indoor, outdoor, low-light)

Audio Recording and Techniques

  • Introduction to microphones and their types
  • Capturing clear and high-quality audio
  • Syncing audio with video in post-production

Storytelling and Narrative

  • Understanding the power of storytelling in videography
  • Developing a compelling narrative structure for videos
  • Incorporating visual elements to enhance storytelling

Advanced Camera Techniques

  • Exploring camera movement techniques (panning, tilting, tracking)
  • Utilizing handheld and stabilizing devices
  • Incorporating cinematic techniques for visual impact

Video Editing Fundamentals

  • Introduction to video editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro)
  • Importing, organizing, and trimming footage
  • Adding transitions, effects, and basic color correction

Advanced Video Editing Techniques

  • Fine-tuning edits and improving pacing
  • Advanced color grading and visual effects
  • Audio editing and mixing techniques

Final Projects and Portfolio Development

  • Participants will plan, shoot, and edit their own video projects
  • Instructors will provide guidance, feedback, and support throughout the process
  • Portfolio development and showcasing participants' work

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Workshop Duration:

2 Days



INR : 19,000/-



23rd, 24th and 25th July' 2023